Patterson Road Access Management Plan

In 2020, the City engaged Stolfus and Associates to study and prepare an Access Management Plan (AMP or Plan) for the 7 mile Patterson Road corridor within the City limits.  

The goal of access management is to optimize the performance of the corridor, improve the level of safety, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the overall functionality of a roadway. The AMP works to plan, coordinate, regulate, and design access to and from property adjacent to Patterson.    

Throughout 2020, Stolfus' work included inventories of access points, traffic counts, determining existing and future traffic demands, performing a safety analysis for Patterson Road and preparation of a draft Plan. In-person and virtual public open houses were held in October 2020 and January 2021. The draft Plan document was publicly reviewed through GJSpeaks. One-on-one meetings, follow-up phone calls and emails, and neighborhood meetings were used to engage with the public and seek their input on the Plan.   

Resolution No. 55-21 (PDF) was approved on July 21, 2021, which adopts the Patterson Road Access Management Plan (PDF) as an element of the 2020 One Grand Junction Comprehensive Plan.

An Access Management Plan passed by resolution is a policy guide and not codified (law). Originally proposed as an Access Control Plan (ACP), City Council carried to change the Patterson Road Access Control Plan to Patterson Road Access Management Plan by resolution. 


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