24 Road & G Road Projects

Phase 1 - G Road Bridge Replacement Project

G Road will be closed to traffic starting Wednesday, October 20th between 24 Road and the south entrance to Canyon View Park. The G Road closure will be in effect until the new G Road bridge is completed, which is anticipated to be completed by the end of August 2022. 

The new G Road bridge location is shifted east approximately 75 feet from the existing G Road bridge. The span of the new bridge is being increased to accommodate a pedestrian underpass pathway. This underpass pathway will connect Canyon View Park with a future trail extension project, located on the south side of G Road. Utility relocations (sewer, water, storm, gas, electric, and communications) are included with this project and are necessary for new bridge construction and the existing bridge demolition. 

Road Closures

G Road will be closed to traffic starting Wednesday, October 20th between 24 Road and the south entrance to Canyon View Park.

Detour Routes

The detour route utilizes 24 Road, Patterson Road, and 24 1/2 Road for getting around the construction zone.

Alternative Access Points to Canyon View Park

Access to Canyon View Park will be from the existing 24 Road entrance and the 24 1/2 Road entrance.

The diagonal parking along the north side of G Road will be available for park users to park in.

Phase 2 - 24 Road & G Road Utility Relocations

Prior to constructing the roadway improvements, there is a considerable amount of utilities that are in conflict with the proposed improvements and will need to be relocated. This includes undergrounding the overhead power and communication lines. This work is being coordinated with and completed by the various utility companies. The utility undergrounding has already begun along G Road while the road is closed for the bridge construction. The utility relocations along 24 Road will be completed over the summer of 2022.

Phase 3 - 24 Road & G Road Widening and Roundabout 

The roadway and intersection improvements will be the largest phase of the project and will include widening the roads, intersection improvements, construction of sidewalks, landscaping, and installation of both street and pedestrian lighting. This phase will commence once in the Summer of 2022 once the utility relocations have been completed and are expected to be completed in the Spring of 2023.  

The road improvements along 24 Road have been designed with all widening to the west, which will allow the existing lanes of travel lanes to continue to be used for traffic throughout construction. Additionally, the City will work with the Contractor to develop a construction phasing plan to limit traffic impacts along the corridor and keep business accesses open throughout construction.