Electric Vehicles (EV)

Final EV Readiness Plan: Adopted by City Council September 6, 2023

Located at the crossroads of two major regional travel corridors, Grand Junction is uniquely situated to benefit from the ongoing transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Nearly 10% of newly-registered vehicles in Colorado in 2022 were EVs, making the state a top-five national leader in EV adoption, and almost a million Colorado-registered EVs are expected to be on the road by 2030. By implementing infrastructure and policies that attract EV-driving travelers and local and regional commuters, the City sees an opportunity to become a vital regional charging hub. For this reason, the City is now preparing an EV readiness plan that will ensure the City seizes this opportunity for the benefit of our entire community. 

Affordability and charging flexibility continue to improve in the EV market, and the City’s EV readiness plan will engage with all members of our community and seek to provide fair access to help create realistic EV-related opportunities across the entire community. Collaborating with XCEL Energy’s “Partners in Energy” program enables the City to access charging infrastructure funding and rebate opportunities to help realize this goal.

Please visit our REV (Ready for EVs) project page for an opportunity to provide your input and to follow the plan's progress. Decorative image of EV Plan Banner that opens in new window to the public engagement site for the EV plan.

EV Rebates Currently Available

Organization Name of Rebate Rebate Amount More Info
State of Colorado EV Tax Credit $5,000 for light duty electric vehicles (purchase or lease of at least 2 years)
An additional credit of $2,500 is available for vehicles with MSRPs under $35,000
$2,000 - $2,800 for light duty electric trucks
Dept. of Energy
State of Colorado Vehicle Exchange Colorado
This program requires the exchange of an internal combustion 
vehicle at least 12 years old or that has failed an emissions test, 
as well as income qualification (less than 80% of area median income). Program begins August 2023.
$6,000 toward a new vehicle
$4,000 toward a pre-owned vehicle
CO Energy Office
XCEL Energy Income-Qualified EV Rebate $3,000 - $5,500 XCEL Energy
XCEL Energy EV Charger and Wiring Rebate $1,300 XCEL Energy
Federal Government Clean Vehicle Tax Credit (EV and Fuel Cell Vehicles) $7,500 for a new vehicle
$4,000 for a pre-owned vehicle
IRS Site

*Find out if a vehicle you're interested in qualifies for the federal tax rebate at fueleconomy.gov.

Current charging station locations in Grand Junction