John Cooper

John Cooper, Board Member

Term expires: February 2021


John Cooper was raised and educated in Arizona. Upon completing a Chemical Engineering degree from Arizona State University, he moved east to work first in the energy industry and then in the consumer products industry.

During his career, John traveled extensively and lived in several countries. Throughout these travels, he always took the opportunity to collect art exemplifying the local cultures. His collection emphasizes Asian art in multiple mediums, both traditional and contemporary.

After completing his career, John resolved to return to the West to be able to immerse himself in the western environment and cultures. As a result of a two-year search, he selected Grand Junction as his retirement locale. John is fully dedicated to the concept of giving back to his community and is excited to contribute to the ongoing cultural health and growth of Grand Junction. He strongly believes that art education is essential in training our children to be well-rounded citizens who, in turn, will contribute to their future communities and cultures.