Kelley Raymond

Kelley Raymond, Board Member

Term expires: February 2022


Kelly Raymond grew up in Michigan and moved to Colorado in 1998. Her first job in Grand Junction was at The Art Center. It was there that she met and began cultivating relationships with many local artists and became more involved with her community and aware of what a rich culture we have here in the valley. She has always had a love for the arts, as her mom is an artist. Kelley grew up surrounded by music, theater, visual and performing arts and was encouraged to create.

Kelley is also a singer-songwriter and was in the local rock band, Riveter, for almost 13 years. She is now working on her first solo recording in collaboration with other local musicians. She also enjoys photography, focusing on portraits. "I find humans to be the most interesting subjects. Photos of people tell riveting stories."

Kelley and her son Elliott enjoy the outdoors and all that the surrounding mountains and high desert have to offer. They go on many hiking, camping and road trip adventures as well as travel abroad whenever they can. She is very excited to have the opportunity to give back to her community through the Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture.