How can I make my application stand out?

As simple as it sounds, read and follow the directions on the application, include as much detailed information as possible, and triple check it before you submit! Many applicants are disqualified due to an incomplete application, so be sure to complete all sections, include all attachments, and answer every question. Communicate your passion for the job and demonstrate that you’ve done your research on the department when completing your cover letter and application. Finally, honesty is the best policy; be yourself, and be truthful.

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1. Does the Grand Junction Fire Department have an age restriction?
2. Is there a physical requirement?
3. How many times can I attempt the physical ability test?
4. When does the academy start?
5. What should I do to prepare for the application process?
6. How long does the whole process take?
7. How can I make my application stand out?
8. Do you accept National Registry or Colorado EMT certifications?
9. How long is your training program?
10. How long can I expect to be on an "Eligible" list?
11. Are there opportunities for professional development and career advancement?