Who are the Shard Micromobility Operators?

Bird and Lime launched in Grand Junction in May 2023 for an 18-month pilot.  Bird and Lime each have a user-friendly app available for download from the Apple or Google Play app store.  In the app, you can learn about Local Riding Guidelines, including parking and operation rules specific to Grand Junction.  Additionally, each app proves users with an opportunity to report problems or learn more about that operator's service.

In certain zones, including Downtown, CMU, and City Parks, the devices will follow a dedicated parking model, where they will have to be stored in designated zones to maintain clearance on sidewalks.  These Dedicated Parking corrals are installed via an operator fee charged to Bird and Lime.  In the rest of the city, the pilot is launching under a free-floating parking model to allow the city to determine where demand exists for future development of corrals if we choose to continue beyond the initial pilot.

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4. Who are the Shard Micromobility Operators?
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