Short-Term Rentals

On July 5, 2023, City Council adopted Ordinance No. 5163, amending Ordinance No. 4813, regarding the operation of short-term rentals. Any property owner intending to operate a short-term rental within the City of Grand Junction must apply for a license with the City of Grand Junction, renew the license on an annual basis, and comply with the following City of Grand Junction regulations:

What's New

Ordinance No. 5163 amended short-term rental regulations to clarify language and limit maximum operations within city limits.  A summary of the amendment is outlined below; additional information can be found in the ordinance.

  • Clarification of short-term rental operation types
    1. Primary short-term rentals make available for rent all bedrooms in a dwelling unit in a principal structure, excluding accessory dwelling units attached to a principal structure. 
    2. Secondary short-term rentals make available for rent less than all the bedrooms in a principal dwelling unit, or an accessory dwelling unit.
  • Short-term rental permits are valid for one year & require annual renewal
  • Limitations on operations
    1. Within the Downtown Area (North Ave to 1-70B, Hwy 50 to 17th St)…
      • No more than 7% of residentially zoned lots may have a primary STR
    2. Outside of the Downtown Area…
      • No more than 3% of residentially zoned lots may have a primary STR
    3. Four or fewer units on one residentially zoned lot
      • Allowed 1 primary STR & 1 secondary STR
    4. Five or more units on one residentially zoned lot
      • No more than 10% of the units may be rented as an STR, provided at least 1 STR is allowed

Application & Fees

In an effort to implement regulations related to guest safety and community impact in Grand Junction, the Community Development Department has created a process by which short-term rentals will be permitted.

The application fee for a short-term rental permit is $250 and is due at the time of application. The fee is paid per property being registered as a short-term rental.

Short-term rental permits shall be renewed every year and short-term rental operators shall pay an annual $200 permit renewal fee. All approved permits will share the same expiration date regardless of when applied for and will not be prorated.

Apply Now

For 2023 permits 

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Building Standards & Regulations

Questions about Building Code standards and regulations for a proposed short-term rental property should be directed to the Mesa County Building Department at 970-244-1631 or


The following resources will take you to additional forms and information related to the permitting process for short-term rentals inside Grand Junction city limits: