Active Transportation & Mobility

In 2018, the City of Grand Junction adopted the Circulation Plan as Chapter 31.08, Volume III of the Grand Junction Municipal Code. The Plan includes elements such as the Active Transportation Corridor Map (PDF).

The community envisions a safe, balanced, and environmentally sensitive multi-modal, urban transportation system that supports greater social interaction, facilitates the movement of people and goods and encourages active living, mobility independence, and convenient access to goods and services for all users.

A multi-modal transportation system should accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, movers of goods, and transit; and should be safe and navigable for all users. It must provide transportation options to all users including those with limited mobility such as children, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

Urban Trails Committee  

The purpose of the Urban Trails Committee is to plan and promote the City Council's goals for an interconnected network of sidewalks, paths, and routes for active transportation and recreation throughout the Grand Junction urbanized area. Learn more on the Urban Trails Committee webpage.