Dual Stream Recycling & Yard Waste Composting

Recycling Services

The City of Grand Junction Recycling Division is now introducing Dual Stream Recycling as part of its Trash and Recycling Services. The City recognizes the importance of diverting recyclables and organics from the landfill and works every day to expand and improve our sustainability efforts. 

In March 2023, the City began phasing in areas to receive curbside collection of recycling separated into two bins, or dual stream. Residents are being notified by mail as areas are phased into the program. To retain the value of the recyclables and accommodate the current facility, glass will no longer be accepted curbside with the dual stream program. Glass is accepted at the Recycling Drop Off Center at 333 West Avenue as well as several neighborhood glass-only drop sites. For more information on glass recycling locations, call 970-256-4136.

Collection of recyclable materials will now be performed by an automated truck which will increase the number of households the City can service on a daily basis. The rates are comparable to what customers are accustomed to paying for trash only service and offer a greater value. If customers recycle more, they can reduce the size of their trash can, which results in a lower cost for trash service.

Service Options

The cost of trash and recycling collection services for the new Dual Stream Program is one price and dependent on the size of the trash bin selected by the customer:

  1. Option #1 (48 Gal.) is $11.50 per month
  2. Option #2 (64 gal.) is $15.75 per month
  3. Option #3 (96 gal.) is $25 per month

Two 64 gallon bins for dual stream recycling can be added for no additional charge. A 96-gallon yard waste bin may also be added for no additional charge.

Sign Up

To select Trash and Recycling Services, customers can fill out the Service Form

Questions about the new or existing trash and recycling services? Call 970-256-4136 or email  recycling@gjcity.org

Yard Waste Compost Services

For residents being phased into dual stream recycling, there is also an option to select the Seasonal Yard Waste Compost collection at no additional charge. A 96-gallon bin will be provided by the City and collected weekly from April through the end of October on the same day as trash and recycling.

Route Maps & Collection Calendar

Dual Stream Calendar & Map.

Not sure which route your neighborhood is in? Find out on our Interactive Recycling Map.

Questions? Call 970-256-4136 or email recycling@gjcity.org.

Program Guidelines

Click here to access the Dual Stream Recycling & Yard Waste Guide. Visit the Hard to Recycle Guide to find alternative drop off locations for materials not accepted in City programs.

Confused about what NOT to include in your dual stream bins? Check out the video below!