Tree Care Services

Tree services and anyone pruning trees for hire, must have a license to perform work within the City limits.

Community Tree Care Services

These are services offered on City trees and properties within the city limits of Grand Junction. All services are only applicable to Right-of-Way trees. Please fill out the Tree Work Request Form to make a request.

  • Hazard tree identification and inspection
  • Insect and disease identification and control
  • Memorial Tree Program (PDF)
  • Tree mulch and fire wood program
  • Tree planting, questions and requests
  • Tree pruning, removal and requests
  • Trees blocking traffic signs and signals

Tree Planting Request/Tree Stewards

All Grand Junction property owners interested in becoming city tree stewards can request that the City plant new street trees in the right-of-way adjacent to their property.

Useful Links for Professional Tree Care

These are services for Licensing or Licensed Arborists