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Commission on Arts & Culture

The Grand Junction Commission on Arts & Culture is dedicated to developing the quantity, quality, and affordability of arts and culture for the citizens of the Grand Valley. Since 1990, the Commission has worked to support the Grand Junction area's artistic resources and cultural activities. The goal is to form strong, lasting, and dynamic connections with artists, arts organizations, businesses, government, and educational institutions throughout the City of Grand Junction.

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2023 Grant Application is now OPEN!

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Additional questions can be sent to or call 970.254.3876

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"Who We Are" Exhibit Celebrates the Diversity of Grand Junction

 “Who We Are” - a celebration of the diverse populations in the Grand Junction area. The City Hall exhibit is open to the public Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm through July 11, 2023.


Redlands Roundabout Art Project

The Redlands Roundabout project is a public and private endeavor spearheaded by the City of Grand Junction and the Commission on Arts & Culture. The project includes adding a Desert Bighorn Sheep sculpture scene to the Roundabout at Redlands Parkway and Broadway.

The design and artist selection was based on a public community meeting in early 2020. The attendees supported the theme of Bighorn Sheep to celebrate their presence in the surrounding areas. The Commission facilitated an open call for artists based on the chosen theme, and Pavia Justinian, a local experienced artist was selected for the project.   

Donations will go towards the completion of the third element, the ram in the center of the roundabout, which along with the already funded mother, baby ram, and the sparring rams will complete the entire proposed design.

To donate to the Redlands Roundabout Art Project, visit the dedicated donation page on Hilltop's website

If you have other questions, please contact Marlene Godsey, Recreation Coordinator, at 970-254-3876 or by email.

sketch of ram sculpture design