Utility Rates

Sewer/Wastewater Monthly Rates

The Persigo Wastewater Facility collects and treats sewage for the 201 Sewer Service Area, which includes most addresses between 19 Road to 32 Road and A 1/2 Road to H Road.

Dwelling Type20222023Increase
Single Family$23.31$24.55$1.24

Business and Multi-Family Formula

Solid Waste/Trash Service Monthly Rates

The City of Grand Junction Solid Waste Department has provided automated refuse collection to all residential customers of less than eight units, within city limits. Commercial refuse collection is also available.

Household Container(s)20222023Increase
One 64-Gallon$13.25
One 96-Gallon$18.25$19.75$1.50
Two 64-Gallon$22.55$24.25$1.70
One 64 and One 96-Gallon$26.65$29.00$2.35

Recycling Monthly Rate

Rates will remain $1.75 per month.

Water Service Monthly Rates

The City of Grand Junction has over 25,000 customers who enjoy some of the best drinking water in the country.

Consumption in Gallons20222023Increase
0 to 3,000 Base$21.34
Next 7,000$3.47 /1,000
Next 10,000$4.11 /1,000
From 20,000$4.79 /1,000
Water Availability Fee$14.38 $14.67$0.29

Kannah Creek Water Service Monthly Rates

Consumption in Gallons20222023Increase
0 to 3,000 Base$48.09 $49.05$0.96
Next 7,000$5.35 /1,000$5.72/1,000$0.37
Next 10,000$6.58 /1,000$7.04/1,000$0.46
From 20,000$7.65 /1,000$8.19/1,000$0.54

Ridges Irrigation Monthly Rates

Pressurized irrigation water available to the Ridges development area and the Redlands Mesa 18 hole golf course.

Dwelling Type20222023Increase
Single Family$20.71
Multi-Family (Per Unit)$14.82

Helpful Resources

For more information on City utility billing and payment options, please call 970-244-1579.

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