Special Weapons and Tactics

Several members of the SWAT team posing for a photo with SWAT vehicles in background.The mission of the Grand Junction Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics team (commonly referred to as SWAT), is to preserve life in high-risk situations through the use of specialized training, equipment, and tactics in a professional and safe manner that inspires confidence in the community. The SWAT Team is committed to the safe resolution of all high-risk situations and approaches each situation in a controlled manner, with an emphasis on a negotiated resolution. 

The Grand Junction Police Department SWAT team consists of sixteen highly trained patrol officers who serve on the SWAT team in addition to their regular duties. They have bi-weekly training to prepare them for critical incident response. The Grand Junction Police Department SWAT team works closely with their counterparts at the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. These individuals are chosen based on their knowledge, skills, and abilities. However, they don't just answer to high-risk incidents. Members of the SWAT team also participate in numerous community events and outreach opportunities, such as Toys for Tots and Special Olympics games.