Computer Donation

As with most modern organizations, the City of Grand Junction relies on laptop and desktop computers, servers, and misc. devices for many of our programs.  Once they have outlived their usefulness to the City, they are either recycled or made available to non-profit organizations through our Computer Donation Program.  Computers and other equipment available for donation are prepared by removing City software and data.

If your non-profit organization would like to request a computer or other I.T. equipment from our donation program, send us an email describing your non-profit organization, how you intend to use the computer(s), who will benefit from the donation, and how many and which type of computers or equipment your organization could use. Your email should be addressed to

As equipment becomes available, we will contact you to arrange for pickup. You will be required to sign for each computer on an "as is" basis and acknowledge that the City will not be responsible for any installation, hardware maintenance, or software support costs or services for the equipment you are receiving.  You agree to be responsible for proper disposal of the equipment, when it is no longer of use to you, and acknowledge that it is illegal to dispose of computer equipment and related components in the land fill.