VIN Inspections

In some cases, a VIN inspection of your vehicle may be required. VIN inspections are completed by checking both the public VIN, typically located on the dashboard or in another highly visible area, and discreet VINs, the locations of which are only provided to law enforcement by the vehicle’s manufacturer. These VIN numbers are checked against state and national databases to ensure the vehicle is not wanted or stolen. 

The following vehicles required a VIN inspection in the state of Colorado:

  • Bonded title vehicles
  • Rebuilt vehicles
  • Reconstructed vehicles
  • Vehicles assembled from a kit (I.e. trailers)

The Grand Junction Police Department does conduct VIN inspections. VIN inspections are by appointment only on Wednesdays and can be scheduled by calling the Records Department at 970-549-5000There is a $5 fee if the inspection is completed at the Grand Junction Police Department, or a $10 fee if the inspection is completed at an offsite location. 

Before an inspection can be completed, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of the City of Grand Junction (Click here to check if you are inside city limits).
  • Have legal documentation like a vehicle title or registration.
  • Car dealerships may also complete VIN inspections for a fee. Contact the individual dealership for days/times and fees. A certified VIN inspection is required when there is no title or registration on the vehicle. Certified VIN inspections are provided by the Colorado State Patrol and they can be reached at 970-858-2250.