The Persigo Wastewater Division is proud to service over 62 square miles of homes and commercial establishments within the 201 Sewer District. To provide the best possible service for our customers, we are always looking at new technologies and improvements to the current wastewater infrastructure within the 201 boundary.


In 2014, the City contracted with BioCNG, LLC to design a system to capture, collect and purify digester biogas at the Persigo wastewater plant to a natural gas quality vehicle fuel. Currently, the equivalent of 400 gallons of gasoline is produced on-site daily and is used to power over 70 City vehicles, resulting in a carbon emission reduction of approximately 3 million pounds per year. The City has received international attention for the biogas project, which is believed to be the only one of its kind in the United States.

Collaboration with City Parks and WildlifeAaron Rice assisting Parks and Wildlife with catching and cataloguing fish in the Persigo Wash

In 2018, the Persigo Wastewater Plant finished a two-year-long project redirecting its treated water flow from the Persigo Wash to the Colorado River. In October of 2021, the Wastewater Division partnered with Parks and WIldlife to assist in studying the fish and wildlife in and around the Persigo Wash since these changes. They found that fish populations were at above-average numbers and were even able to find populations of endangered fish species, including Bonytail fish, indicating that the Persigo Wash and surrounding rivers are healthy and environmentally sustainable.

Sewer Improvement Districts

In 2000, the City and the County passed a joint resolution establishing the septic system elimination program to provide incentives to property owners to eliminate septic systems. There are still approximately 1,550 properties that remain on septic systems within the Persigo 201 sewer boundary. The City continues to work with residents to improve our collection services by targeting completion of existing and new sewer improvement districts by 2039, as recommended in the 2020 Wastewater Basin Study Update.

Sewer Line and Lift Station Rehabilitation

As elements of the 201 boundary collection system age, the City maintains them by rehabilitating and replacing sections it deems having surpassed its design life. The collection system is comprised of approximately 577 miles of pipe and approximately 200 miles is scheduled for replacement by 2050. Since 2015, 30 miles of pipe have been replaced with 170 miles of pipe having been identified for replacement. Furthermore, the City has determined that a new lift station should be constructed for the collection system to run optimally within parts of the 201 Persigo boundary. Design of this new lift station and associated sewer pipe on Power Road was completed in 2021 and construction is set to complete by the end of 2022.

Odor Control Improvements

The wastewater division seeks to provide the best quality services for its customers, including assessing how to lower the overall odor of its wastewater plant and collection system. A study was conducted in 2020 by an independent party with the goal of identifying problematic areas within the plant and collection system as well as solutions to improving the overall odor produced. Plans for updates to the plant and collection system have been completed based on findings in this study and construction is currently ongoing.