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Baseball stadium bleachers renovation
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In 2021/2022, the Lincoln Park Stadium received major renovations to the bleachers, electrical upgrades, IT and audiovisual upgrades, and improvements to the southwest and northwest entryways. These renovations are a $10 million collaborative project funded by the City of Grand Junction, the Grand Junction Baseball Committee (JUCO), School District 51, and Colorado Mesa University. These renovations are included in the 2019 Lincoln Park Stadium Master Plan, which outlines improvements to the facility.

The City of Grand Junction and its partners are thrilled to see this renovation take place. These renovations will increase the longevity of the stadium as Grand Junction continues to grow. The renovations are scheduled to be completed by May of 2022.

Updates to Traffic Impacts

  • In order for the contractor to safely renovate the stadium, fencing was installed around the stadium. The path adjacent to the site will be closed to pedestrian traffic for the duration of the project. 
  • To safely renovate the bleachers at Stocker Stadium, northbound 12th Street is reduced down to one lane near North Avenue. This closure is anticipated to last until March 2022.
  • The track is still open to the public at this time but is scheduled to close in the middle of November when construction expands to the west stands at Stocker Stadium.

Thank You to Our Partners!

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