Parks, Recreation, Open Space (PROS) Master Plan

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About the PROS Master Plan

The PROS Master Plan process began back in March of 2020, funded in large part by a Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant. Over the past ten months, the Parks and Recreation department has worked closely with the consultant team, Green Play, LLC, DHM Design, RRC and Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture to complete the plan. Public input was collected throughout the process and drove the content outlined in the PROS Master Plan. A considerable amount of work was put into this plan from a variety of individuals and committees including members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, members of the PROS Master Plan Advisory Committee, parks and recreation staff, City leadership and City Council.  

The PROS Master Plan outlines top priorities for the parks and recreation system as well as projects to be completed over the next eight to ten years. Top priorities captured from community input include a community center, trail connections and expansions, river conservation, access, and improvements, and an indoor warm water leisure pool.

Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Grant

A $56,250 Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant was secured in mid-2019, which is paying for about half of the cost of the plan. Given the grant, the Master Plan must be completed within two years, which is by the middle of 2021. The current schedule has us meeting this deadline with a scheduled completion at the beginning of 2021. A full inventory of amenities will be completed and parks, recreation and open space needs will be assessed in a Level of Service analysis. The Master Plan also includes completing a feasibility study and concept designs for the most needed and highest priority indoor and outdoor recreation facilities. This survey is the single most important instrument that will be used to assess needs.

This is an action step in the draft Comprehensive Plan that is up for Council Adoption in later 2020. The PROS Master Plan will dovetail and build off of the Comprehensive Plan. The City last completed a Master Plan in 2001. The 2001 plan served the community well with many components having been completed, including an outdoor amphitheater, Las Colonias Park and Canyon View Park.

Meaningful community participation is the driving force in this Master Planning effort with the following methods: a statistically valid survey sent to 6,000 households, open link surveys distributed, public input from focus groups, community meetings, engagement with City Council and staff, and regular interaction with a City Council appointed PROS Master Plan Advisory Committee.

PROS Advisory Committee Members

The PROS Advisory is a group of community members appointed by Council who is providing continual feedback throughout the Master Plan. Application to this committee was broadly circulated and advised with over 40 people applying. The Advisory Committee, along with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, will be centrally involved in helping this plan be resident driven.

  • Micah Adams: Grand Junction Economic Partnership (GJEP) and Construction Management Experience with FCI
  • Bennett Boeschenstein: Retired Planner; Previous City Councilor
  • Kevin Bray: Real Estate Industry
  • Paul Cain: Athletic Director School District; Coordinates School District Use of Many City Facilities
  • Cindy Enos‐Martinez: Former City Councilor; Former School Board; Member of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee
  • Josh Niernberg: Bin 707 Owner; Visit GJ Board; Outdoor Recreation Coalition
  • Shaun Howe: Executive Director of the Fire FC Soccer Club
  • Derek Wagner: CMU, Vice-President for Intergovernmental and Community Affairs
  • Barbara Zind: Pediatrician ‐ Creator of We Can! Mesa County
  • Ted Ciavonne: Landscape Architect; Member of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee
  • Libby Collins: Colorado West Land Trust Community Engagement
  • Kylie Holley: Formerly with CMU, working Strength and Conditioning
  • Joy Hudack: Executive Director, Riverside Educational Center
  • Andreya Krieves: PLACE, Chair 2C campaign; Volunteer Coordinator SD#51 Bond Campaign; Grand Valley Parks and Recreation Foundation
  • Diane Schwenke: GJ Chamber of Commerce President; Member of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee
  • Danette MacMillan: St. Mary's Hospital Director of Nursing
  • William Findlay: Member Riverfront Foundation; Colorado West Land Trust Board; Parks and Recreation Advisory Board; Retired Pediatrician
  • Brandon Stam: Downtown Grand Junction, Executive Director
  • Kyle Gardner: Director of Therapy at Community Hospital

Consultant Group

The PROS Master Plan consultant group was selected through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process. GreenPlay LLC's proposal emerged as the top consultant group and is under contract with the City of Grand Junction to facilitate the process. They are partnered with DHM Design for landscape architecture, RRC Associates for the statistically valid survey and Barker-Rinker-Seacat for the indoor facility assessment. GreenPlay is the leading firm in the country regarding parks and recreation planning work. They have completed over 600 similar projects.

For further information regarding the Master Plan, please contact Parks and Recreation Director Ken Sherbenou by email, or by phone at 970-254-3881.